Blogging Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

The whole world is caught by football fever, and I am having blogging fever. While searching on why to blog, I stumbled upon this statistics on blogging, which is quite staggering.

IgniteSpot has produced this brilliant infographic which speaks volumes about blogging and the number of people involved in it. It is all about the economy of the blogging world. Have you seen it before?

It might amaze you as to how fast the number of blogs has been growing over these past years, for so many different reasons. Millions of unique users every single day.

IgniteSpot gives a clear and complete picture of most of your queries related to the blogging world. A slight drawback would be that it is U.S centric, but then, that is where most of the bloggers are from, according to their statistics.

77% of the Internet users read blogs, and so not surprisingly, many of the bloggers are women. Did you notice that most of the Entrepreneurs, (68%) of them, own a blog to attract clients? 70% of people learn about a company through their blog posts, than ads. Go ahead, and look.

Blogging Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

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