10 Must-Read Blogs For Freelance Writers

Just Write.

My freelancing journey has begun, and I have hit the road. I have decided to offer my services as a writer, proofreader and editor. There are scores of freelancers out there offering the same services. How do I make a unique identity there?

I wanted to learn it all. I took a plunge into the hordes of blogs that offered to help. I learnt quite a few tricks too, from many of them.

Once I registered on two potential freelancing sites, the waiting part began. The wait for the first client. The wait for the first dollar to reach my account.

While waiting, I redid my profile many a times, and took many skills tests. I wrote and rewrote many proposals and cover letters. Read, wrote and kept sending proposals. Then, one day, I landed with my first client and then another. It was worth the entire wait.

Are you a freelancer too? A newbie like me? Then I suggest that you read or at least glance through the following blogs, and they are bound to hook you.

These sites presents class ideas and they share other freelancers’ experiences. What to do and what not to, how to write great content, how much to charge, how to negotiate; mostly everything that you as a newbie, might want to know.

Choosing a few best posts from each of these blogs was a daunting task, but a fertile one. It gave me insight, more ideas to further kick start my freelancing career, and it would do the same to you too!

1.  Copyblogger

Copyblogger, belongs to Brian Clark and his team. It is one of the most persuasive blogs, which makes you, want to do it. The posts are so precise and eye catching. Almost any information you need as a freelancer, is here. They teach, to create killer content. They give a very big, complete picture.

2. Men With Pens

The brains behind Men with Pens, belongs to a woman. Yes, James Chartrand is a ‘she’. She is an expert in the field and leads her team. The blog has over 1000 articles that would give plenty of solutions to many of your freelancing problems.

3. Daily Writing Tips

An everyday must read blog, which would sure improve your writing skills. No fancy stuff. They are a team of 5 people (4 writers and an editor) all set to clean and polish, our English skills. Complete access to useful information regarding the English language, without which your writing career will not flourish.

4. Passive Panda

Passive Panda belongs to James Clear. James shares strategies, tips and tricks to earn money through freelancing, employment or entrepreneurship. It is more interactive and shares the experiences of other freelancers, showing how they did it.

This is a five part series and is definitely worth your time. If you are ready to part with your email address, they will mail you their eBook.

5. Zen Habits

Zen Habits is a great read, anytime. Leo Babauta is out there to motivate you to think better, and see things more clearly. His ‘My Story’ is awe- inspiring. You will get addicted to his style of writing. It might give you many a good ideas for blog posts too.

6. Seth Godin

Short and to the point, is how Seth Godin catches your attention. Most of his posts are very small, but influences and lets you to wrack your brains. So many posts and many books from this man, who truly is a genius when it comes to creating ideas.

7. ProBlogger

Suppose, you are thinking of blogging? The Pro blogger, by Darren Rowse will show you how. It is really a place for everything, a blogger needs. The archives give proper categories for all their keywords, and you can easily find what you are looking for.

8. The Write Life

The Write Life by Alexis Grant and team, writes about almost everything that you want to know about freelancing. They help you shape an idea on how to move forward with your freelancing career. The Write Life focuses on helping us to create, connect and earn.

9. Write To Done

One of the best blogs for freelancers, especially beginners. Originally, the brainchild of Leo Babauta, the blog is progressing wonderfully under the guidance of Mary Jaksch. Their categories speak volumes of the best topics on writing that they have created. The posts motivate, teach some new skills, and push you in the right direction to master the art of writing.

10. Minterest

The blog that showed me, how to do it all. For everything and anything other than writing, I search here. Mahesh blogs about marketing, tech and everything in between. Minterest has vast resource available for bloggers and freelancers. You can search here for any information that you might need in your freelance career.

These blogs reminds us time and again, that it is the quality of the content, which matters most. So Read, Write, Repeat!

Take your pick. Follow, until you learn to lead the way.

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  1. Thanks for including us on your list! We’re honored to be included in such great company. Best of luck with your freelancing career — and let me know if there are any questions or particular topics that you’d like to see us cover in future posts!

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